Carpenter Ants vs Pavement Ants

There are 2 common household ants in northern New Jersey, Carpenter Ants and Pavement Ants.  Although they share a name, they are two totally different insects when it comes to what an infestation means for you and your home, and how we treat for them.

See below which type of ant is in your home.

Carpenter Ant 


Carpenter Ants are larger in size than pavement ants and have a totally different behavior and biology.  These ants can cause major damage to the framing of your deck or home.  They find soft, rotted bodies of wood and hollow/bore them out to create a nesting site for themselves.  Since all carpenter ant problems are not the same, one of our certified servicemen will come out to the home and outline exactly what needs to be done prior to treatment.

Pavement Ants 


Pavement ants are much smaller in size and usually travel in larger packs than carpenter ants.  Unlike their larger brothers, these ants are not seeking to create a nesting environment in the framing of your home.  Rather, they seeking out food or water that they will take back to their colony.  Call or email us today to have a certified technician come out and  help eliminate the problem.