Hearing something scurrying around inside your walls or ceiling? Finding what seems to be rodent droppings around your home? Something getting into your pantry or food storage? Jay's has you covered with full service rodent treatments.  Not only do we eradicate these pesky critters from your home, we do a full inspection regarding points of entry and potential mouse attracting habitats.  Then we either seal the areas (if possible) or tell you exactly what you need to have done regarding exclusion.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Although more common in commercial settings Rats do infest homes and properties of residential areas.  The number one cause of these issues is the use of backyard bird feeders.  Although aesthetically pleasing to watch the birds they are extremely messy eaters, and the seed they drop onto the ground provides Rats with an excellent food source.  A combination of our treatment and eliminating that food source will eradicate these creatures from your property. E-mail or call us today to set up a custom treatment plan for your property.